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  • Fastest MFP Printing Shop in Sri Lanka
  • First Photocopy Machine Repairing Course in Sri Lanka
  • Software and Web Developing Center
  • Low cost service provider

Photo Copy King

Thank To Pansilu TV

For the first press conference in the history of Dharshana Group, we would like to thank the Pansilu TV YouTube channel for finding out all the details about Sri Lanka’s first photocopy machine repair course, despite all the obstacles encountered during the Corona epidemic.


What We do

Dharshana Group is a group of technology solutions, which provides you with multiple services as a communication center, technical academy and software development business.

01. Dharshana Communication Center

Communication Partner of Dharshana Group

This is the fastest printing MFP in Sri Lanka, earning a lot of new job opportunities in the region and gaining customer trust as a low cost service provider.

02. Dharshana Technical Academy

Teaching Partner of Dharshana Group

This is the Sri Lanka’s first Photo Copy Machine Repair Course as a Technical Academy that imparts the necessary knowledge to thousands of small scale printing businesses island wide.

03. Dharshana Software Developers

Programming Partner of Dharshana Group

This is a software development company, developing new software for multiple platforms. Also successfully creating websites for the Desktop, Tablet and Mobile platforms.

Why Choose US

No one is like us

There is no other place where you can get the unique service we provide to you. That is why you must choose ourselves

Lowest price

We are Providing You The Lowest Price in Sri Lanka as a Range of Qty

Speed Service

450 Black Prints Per Minute
50 Colour Prints Per Minute
480 Duplo Shots Per Minute

8 AM - 8 PM X 365

We are open to you every day on all holidays, including Sundays and Poya days.


What Our Clients Say?

The service they provide is truly unique. The top speed, lowest price as well as the perfect service is truly unmatched. Dharshana Group is a company rich in physical and human resources required to complete a large service capacity in a short period of time.
WMC Roshan
Salon Sudarshani Academy
As a customer who has been with Dharshana Group for a long time, the main value I have seen is their unwavering commitment to the security of the intellectual property that a customer gives them.
Dr.Dhammika Pathirana
You can buy their services. But by no means can you buy them. Therefore, Dharshan Group can be described as a place that provides a disciplined service with firm policies that do not betray for money.
WS Sampath
Sampath Pharmacy
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