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Started in January 2003
It was a very difficult journey
  • It is started as a name of “Best Com” in January 2003 in Elapitiwela.
  • Since November 2005 it has been popularly known as “Dharshana Computer Cafe”
  • In December of 2012 Trade name of “Dharshana Group” is launched in Ragama town.
  • Thereafter, from November 2014, its glorious journey resumed from the motherland of Elapitiwela.

Dharshana Group is a sole proprietorship owned by Dharshana Prageeth Manamperi, a former medical student of the Ragama Medical Faculty.

It was started in January 2003 as a small scale printing business. A Technical Training Division was added to the business in November 2005 and a Software Development Division in December 2012.

It has also been successfully launched as a large scale MFP printing business since November 2014.

Became a Group in December 2012​

Main Turning Point

Not limited in single role it is became a Group of Technology Solutions.

As a Communication Center >>>

Today, it is the fastest printing MFP in Sri Lanka, earning a lot of new job opportunities in the region and gaining customer trust as a low cost service provider.

As a Technical Academy >>>

It has also successfully established Sri Lanka’s first Photo Copy Machine Repair Course as a Technical Academy that imparts the necessary knowledge to thousands of small scale printing businesses island wide.

As a Software Developer >>>

It has also been successful as a software development company, developing new software and creating websites.

Glory From November 2014

Today it is a Giant

  • fully air-conditioned 1000 sq. Ft. Company.
  • Has a speed of 450 Black Photocopy, 50 Color Photocopy and 480 Duplo Shots per minute.
  • 6 Counters, A large stockpile of paper and all types of Heavy Duty Binding Machines, Hot Laminating, Cold Laminating, Paper Cutters.
  • It is open 365 days 12 hours a day allocating more than Rs. 700,000 per month to pay the salaries of 12 employees.

That is why it is called the King of Photocopies.

It Also a company with a large customer base spread over 100 square kilometers. It is also the lowest priced service provider in Sri Lanka for 21 years but still survives today.

Accordingly, we are the Dharshana Group, which provides you with multiple services as a printing business, technical academy and software development business.

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Interviews are conducted for job vacancies that we assume are currently and will be needed in the company. You must first apply to us online. If you are selected for an interview, we will contact you within two weeks.